Our Bourbon

Wild Turkey 86.8

Round here we fondly call it 86 8. And we like to think it's the sweet spot for Wild Turkey. Proudly, all Wild Turkey is made, matured and bottled in Kentucky USA, making it the real deal.

Wild Turkey Rye

Made with a high proportion of rye grains and a little barley and corn. Aged in charred new American oak. Straight Kentucky Rye whiskey follows the same laws as bourbon but with majority rye grain in the recipe. Perhaps even older than bourbon, rye is at home in classic cocktails

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

We only use 6, 8, and 12 year old bourbons & bottle Rare Breed at cask strength, meaning we don't add any water before we bottle it. The strength will vary slightly with each batch and the last run becomes quite collectable.

Wild Turkey Spiced

A blend of Wild Turkey 4 & 6 year old bourbons with madagascan vanilla, cloves and a little cardamom

Russell’s Reserve®

Jimmy and Eddie hand select casks for the russells reserve. The barrels are chosen from the 'centre cut' of our warehouses. Bourbons will taste very different from the top, middle or bottom of an againg warehouse. Our very best barrels from the centre are used for Russell's Reserve 10 year old Bourbon.

Wild Turkey 101

101 is our first and original bourbon. Wild Turkey got its name in the 1940's after a distillery executive brought a private supply of 101 proof bourbon along with him for a wild turkey hunting trip with friends. They liked it so much that the next year they asked him to bring along some of that same "Wild Turkey" bourbon

Wild Turkey American Honey

An exceptionally smooth bourbon liqueur blended with pure American honey and  Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, perfect served with dry and fresh lime over ice.